Patient Testimonials

I had an endoscopy procedure at the office of Dr. Pai on Sept 9 2013. This was the first experience of mine as an outpatient at Dr. Pai's office. It really was a pleasant experience and very convenient. It certainly as much better than having to go to the outpatient part of the hospital to have the procedure done. Great job guys! – G. Whitney


Being at the office was a very good experience. Less time consuming than at the hospital. Everyone was very friendly. – A. Boisenne


Our experience with Dr. Pai and his staff was wonderful. Dr. Pai was very thorough and explained all our questions. The waiting area was comfortable. We will definitely recommend him and his staff. – J and M Llaskewhoff


The office visit was great. Dr. Pai explained all the necessary steps for the procedure clearly. The staff was great as well. If you sang, you would receive a recording deal!! – P. Hairre


The procedure was quick. Great experience. Staff was very professional. Good people. Dr. Pai explained the procedure and the findings. He is thorough. I have had seven colonoscopies with Dr. Pai. – S. Kolmer


Dr. Pai's office staff is very friendly and amazing. He really makes his patients feel very warm and welcomed and he listens and communicates with his patients. The office is very nice, spacious and very clean – M and K Streughty


I had a colonoscopy at Dr. Pai's office. The procedure was quick and on time. The staff is very professional and the office has good people. Dr. Pai explains the procedure and the findings clearly. He is very thorough. – S. Kolmer


My experience with Dr. Pai and his staff was very professional. The new facility is a good place to have your procedure done. You are in and out within a reasonable time. When your appointment states a certain time, it is done when stated. I would strongly recommend Dr. Pai for any gastroenterological issues. – J. Jackson


I had an upper endoscopy and a Colonoscopy at Dr. Pai's office. Everyone here is so professional and caring. Dr. Pai is a very cordial man. My husband also had the same procedure done by Dr. Pai. We think he is great. My sister will be coming here also for her procedure. – N. Lickenbrock


I had abdominal pain for multiple years for which I had gone to many doctors. Nobody was able to help me. A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Pai about 4 years ago. That was the best thing that happened to me. Right from the beginning I knew that Dr. Pai would help me. He was one of the few doctors with excellent bedside manners and he was also a patient listener. He did an endoscopy and some blood tests and I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. I feel so much better now and am leading a pain free life at last. I have recommended Dr. Pai to my family and friends and everybody agrees with me that Dr. Pai is wonderful! – J. Smith


Excellent! The staff is awesome! Dr Pai is thorough, friendly and professional! – C. Lunan